Sunday, November 09, 2008

Catching Up

I am SO behind with trying to make sure Codie has everything he needs, you know teenagers they can do everything themselves. They went in on Friday and put in several pins to hold his arm to his wrist and rebuilt half his hand. We are hoping to get the other half of his hand rebuilt this coming week. Poor kid, so much to be going through at 15. He has been a real trooper trying to hold it together. I am so proud of him. Being in and out of the hospital and operating rooms all week has taken a toll on not only Codie and I but my other 3 children as well. It will be nice when everything returns to normal but it seems that he has a really long road of recovery ahead of him. He is not allowed to return to school until further notice so as you can imagine, he is bored out of his mind.

Starting tomorrow there is going to be a huge sale at Aussie Scraps Designs. We well be putting all of our kits on sale for $2.00. That's right it doesn't matter how large the kit is all designers will be putting their kits on sale for $2.00! The sale will run until Sunday the 16th. Come on in and see what you can find for $2.00.

And now an Award

I have also been given an award by Tammy at This-N-That, Thanks Hun! Be sure to stop by her blog for a visit.

For this award, I have to say 7 things I love and then, pass this award to 7 here we go!
7 things I love:
1) My family!
2) Scrappin
3) Watching my babies play sports
4) Starbucks
5) Smells of the Holidays
6) A good book
7) Lunch with a Friend

Now to pass the award on to...
1) Jessica
2) Mirella
3) Gail
4) Frosted Illusions
5) Maggie
6) Mandy
7) Lena

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Jessica said...

AWwww ty so much for awarding me hun!! {{BIG HUGS}}

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